Golden Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Unbleached Beeswax, TNF (Tree Nut Free)  Rosemary (Spanish Origin) and Peppermint (Japan Origin) Essential Oil 

Rosemary Mint

  • Roll the Lotion Stick up and apply to skin. As the stick warms it will glide smoothly along the skin.

    Externally use it all over your body as you would lotion. 

  • Stubborn cracked heels, knees, or elbows? This is great for riving those dry rough areas. May feel a cool sensation on skin. 

    When you don't want to put lotion on your hands this is a great substitue for it requires no additional rubbing with your hands.

    Rosemary (Spainish Origin) Essential Oil:  Helps control oil production; provides antibacterial surfaces to the skin and helps with acne. May also help with concentration and alertness.

    Peppermint (Japan Origin) Essential Oil: Helps with itching, headaches, nausea and muscle pain.